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Whaleback Uphill Pass

Whaleback is a non-profit ski area. Our mission is to provide outdoor recreation opportunities to the Upper Valley community. 

Whaleback welcomes uphill travelers on the mountain. Operating a non-profit ski area takes a lot of hard work along with financial contributions from local people and businesses. 

Why is Whaleback asking you to buy an uphill passes?

There are two primary reasons Whaleback decided to sell an uphill pass for the 2020-21.

  1. Whaleback is a non-profit. Snowmaking, grooming, and trail maintenance don't "just happen". The $50 cost of your uphill pass helps Whaleback make more snow!
  2. We want to maintain an open uphill policy that encourages community members to use the mountain during normal operating hours and when the lifts are closed. After consulting with our insurance company, selling a nominal uphill pass was the best way to accomplish this while meeting the requirements of our insurance policy.

Know before you go

  1. Please read the Whaleback Uphill policy.
  2. Check on the latest COVID-19 updates

A special thank to Tyler Ray from Backyard Concept for helping with our Uphill Policy. We also encourage everyone to join Granite Backcountry Alliance

The goal of Granite Backcountry Alliance is to advance the sport of backcountry skiing in New Hampshire and Western Maine by providing low-impact human-powered backcountry skiing opportunities to the public through the creation, improvement and maintenance of ski glades.